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The Monsters always say
"Don't Tell Our Little Secret"

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   We tell our little loved ones to beware of the stranger offering candy as we pack our precious children to spend a day with a family member or friend who may be doing horrible things to them.
Fully 96 out of 100  abused kids in the USA are abused by family or friends

We live in heated/cooled homes while children sleep in caves, or under bridges, they prostitute, steal food, and die in the streets.
The only hugs they know are the hugs stangers pay for.

​Our Foundation is based in Ohio
Since our founding in 2008 we have physically visted
numerous U.S. states, Nigeria and Peru
​Our online and radio presence reaches far and wide.
​Many times after a radio show interview our Foundation receives contact saying that offenders have been turned-in after parents have followed the tips we provide on how to protect your children. Our children!

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